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Blaqtach Group | Administrative Support

To thrive and excel in today's business environment, you have to be able to focus on your core business. 

All kinds of distractions can slow your company down, and you may end up losing your competitive edge.

Our professional business service allows you to focus and remain on top!

Blaqtach Group is a company that provides Administrative Support. Administrative Support is a profession, specialisation, expertise and category of business in and of itself. It is NOT Web Design, Bookkeeping, Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing, Marketing and so on. Those are separate professions and specialisation that entail their own distinct training, talents, skill sets and processes. Administrative Support is not project work. A company that is in the business of piecemeal tasks and project work is called a Secretarial Service Company, which is the opposite of Administrative Support. Though they might provide additional services and project work, Administrative Consultants are first and foremost in the business of providing ongoing, continuous administrative support in personal, one-on-one partnering relationships with their clients. And that is basically what I do with Blaqtach Group.