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Our Mission

To serve our client as efficiently as possible, cost effectively and at a highest possible good quality manner. 

Our Vision

To be more creative, understanding and more customer focused, thus developing a long and healthy working relationship.

Our Values

◦ Performance ◦ Responsibility
◦ Customer Care Centric
◦ Quality

Administrative Consultant is a solopreneur who works personally with clients in a collaborative, one-on-one relationship of ongoing administrative support. We are the administrative experts who keep our clients' businesses organised, humming along smoothly and moving forward. We are known for Companies Registration but we do more than just that. Administrative Support is the collection of ongoing, behind-the-scenes work and activities that must be attended to throughout the life of a business in order for it grow and run smoothly. It’s the backbone of every business and no business can run without it. What we do as administrative experts is that important.